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    A new Viagra plaster will get men in the mood for sex quicker than it will take you to get upstairs, into the bedroom and get your clothes off.

    Buy Viagra Overnight Delivery. Scientists have finally come up with a way to get the erection-boosting drug into the bloodstream just like a smoking patch.

    The new skin plasters will be stiff competition for the little blue pills which have transformed the sex lives of millions of people worlwide - as they are also expected to last longer.

    Crucially they will work in a matter of minutes if not seconds compared with the at least half an hour it takes for the tablet version to kick in. Buy Viagra Overnight Delivery. And for many men it will also mean an end to the side-effects caused by swallowing the pill version, including: headaches, indigestion, blurred vision and muscle pain.

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    Viagra has its downfalls but it has come good for lots of couples (Image: Getty) Scientists at universities in Cairo and Saudi Arabia have devised the Viagra patch to be worn on the arm or abdomen - and it could be on the market within years after testing on humans.

    The plasters - which to date have been trialled on rats - contain minute particles of the drug coated with thin layers of fat and chemicals to help the skin absorb it.

    Buy Viagra Overnight Delivery. And Viagra has absolutely no effect for one in three men whose only other option is to inject drugs directly into the penis or use a pump to manually stimulate blood supply - both of which have the same potential downfalls. When Viagra first went on sale in 1998 it was the only erectile dysfunction drug on the market and hard to get hold of. It is now available in the UK over the counter after a consultation with a pharmacist.

    Buy Viagra Overnight Delivery. Official health data shows there were more than 3.5m prescriptions dispensed in England in 2015 for medicines which combat erectile dysfunction. Makers Pfizer had to lower its prices for Viagra after its patent ran out in 2013 and similar products found their way to market. They now cost around 30p each - with some 1.5m Brits regularly benefiting from their use on the NHS.

    Buy Viagra Overnight Delivery. The British Society of Sexual Medicine's Dr Geoff Hackett cautions that the patches will cost much more. “It might be a nice way of delivering the drug," he explained. “But I can’t see how a patch likely to cost around £10 is going to replace a pill that’s a fraction of the price." Buy Viagra Overnight Delivery.